About Us

We met in Baltimore and bonded over our shared love of documentaries and puzzles. When we got to know each other more we learned that we also share a passion for food & travel, as well as, food sustainability and security. Combining our love and passion for food and travel and the environment, we decided that we wanted to create a platform to express our views and experiences with our readers. Which is why we established The Wanderer Files, the files are a curated portfolio of our food and travel experiences as well as our personal lifestyle posts.

We would love for you to join us on our experiences, thank you for being here!



Hi, I’m Angela! I’m currently based out of the D.C. metro area; I’ve lived here my entire life – bouncing around between Maryland and Virginia. I’m a Master’s candidate in a Global Affairs and Human Security Program and I have a background in International Relations with a focus area in food sustainability and security.

Most of my life revolves around food, and I am definitely guilty of being hangry from time to time. Food, to me, can express love and offer comfort. This love stems from the memories of my mother in the kitchen and helping out my parents in the garden of my childhood home. Stories I hope to share here on the blog.

I have always been passionate about food security. The first step is awareness of the systemic issues set in place that must be tackled, problems such as food waste, environmental degradation, and even the present food culture. Generally, people don’t think about where their food comes from anymore or the significant effort behind getting food to their plates, bowls, sustenance vessels … etc. These are issues that will be discussed on this blog by Andreja & I.

I dream of traveling the world, seeking out new food experiences & the ultimate culinary adventure. I love planning “food adventures” in new cities, and I welcome any recommendations!

Most of the time you can find me at a local coffee shop. On weekends, I’m foraging through farmer’s markets in searching of amazing seasonal foods. I spend my free time cooking, writing, and watching documentaries, stand-up comedians, or plain binge watching shows on Netflix. I don’t think I’ll be able to live without freshly baked baguettes, fuzzy socks, coffee, or a notebook/pen combo.



My name is Andreja and I am originally from Slovenia. After finishing my studies in Political Science at the University of Ljubljana, I decided to go on an adventure and work as a masseuse on board a cruise ship for nine months. During that time I met a handsome and interesting man, married him after a year, moved to the USA, and have been living here for the last four years. One could say that my adventure got a bit prolonged.

I have always loved to travel and have traveled as much as possible. For a couple of years, I was even fortunate to travel for a living. Overall I have visited 55 countries and 40 states. Currently, I am moving from town to town every week with my husband as we tour with a Broadway show. What do we do when we are not traveling for work? We go and we travel some more on our own.

What is life without good food? It could be a new dish from a foreign land or just an all-time favorite you had since you were 3. Food delivers pleasure, memories, and at the end of the day the ability to survive. Unfortunately, the overall impression these days is that we have forgotten about the real meaning of food. We eat too much. Too many times we eat food without nutritional value. Too many times we throw away food while others are starving. Too many times we forget how to enjoy food. That is why I believe it is important to share knowledge about healthier food options, food sustainability, and how to achieve an overall more balanced way of living.

In my free time when I am not traveling, eating food, or talking on the phone with my friends and family in Slovenia, I like to spend a relaxing hour (or eight) putting together jigsaw puzzles while watching TV. I don’t know why, but I find it relaxing. I also enjoy hiking, movies, theater, concerts, reading, ANYTHING Bill Burr, and of course, romantic walks on the beach. Oh, and beer! I definitely like beer.

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